Sleep Apnea Treatment in Fort Worth - Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care

At Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care, we take a  comprehensive approach to dentistry. Our team understands many medical conditions can be alleviated with help from a dentist for improved whole body wellness. With this in mind, Drs. Cole and Shelby provide treatment for sleep apnea in Fort Worth, TX. 

Through routine examinations and custom-made dental appliances, we provide treatment that comfortably opens air passages and alleviates symptoms of this condition, such as severe fatigue and lack of mental clarity. 

Sleep Apnea Examinations at Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care

While many sleep apnea patients come to our office as referrals from their medical providers, our dentists also monitor current patients for warning signs of disordered breathing. During your routine oral health examinations, our sleep apnea dentists check the size of tonsils and determine if airways are clear. 

New patients visiting our office receive a questionnaire that alerts our dentists to the possibility of a sleep condition. When telltale signs of sleep apnea are present, we provide a CT scan to clearly visualize airways and determine if a dental appliance can help you enjoy peaceful sleep. In rare cases where a patient’s condition appears more complex, our dentists provide recommendations to ear, nose and throat specialists.  

Sleep Apnea Dental Appliances in Fort Worth

Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care offers Narval appliances, among others, to help patients with obstructive sleep apnea breathe easily while asleep. While CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure masks are often the first treatments recommended by physicians, these devices can be irritating to some, which sometimes leads to limited patient compliance. Our Fort Worth sleep apnea dentists offer oral appliances to provide the following benefits to patients:

Increased Convenience – The Narval appliance looks like an athletic mouth guard and is placed over your teeth while you sleep; there are no bulky face masks or straps needed to hold the appliance in place. The Narval is made of flexible material, is easy to wear and use, and easier to pack for travel.

Better Patient Compliance – Treatment only works when patients are willing to commit to a recommended therapy. CPAP is effective but may be bothersome. It pushes air into your nose and mouth. Many patients find this intolerable and only sporadically use their CPAP machine, which minimizes the benefits. Sleep apnea appliances are compact, easy to travel with, and comfortable to use, making patients more likely to stick to their treatment plan. Oral appliances are recommended for those who cannot or will not wear a CPAP appliance. 

If you use a CPAP, Contact our Sleep Apnea Dentists for Comfortable Appliances!

If you’re looking for an alternative to CPAP or have been told by a loved one that you snore loudly while you sleep, contact Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care for your sleep apnea appliance consultation and evaluation!