Post-General Anesthesia


Your dentist may prescribe pain medications to minimize or eliminate any post-treatment discomfort. These may be taken as directed. Any other medications may be taken as directed.

If the patient is taking any prescribed medications (such as blood pressure, heart or seizure medications, etc.), these should be resumed on the normal schedule unless instructed otherwise.

The patient should be in a lying position for the ride home. The patient should remain down (lying or reclining) for the remainder of the day; the ONLY exception is to go to the restroom. The patient must have someone accompany him/her INTO the restroom in the event he/she feels dizzy or loses his balance. Excessive motion (or sitting up) may cause dizziness and/or nausea. If the patient feels dizzy or especially faint, have them lie down immediately.

It is important to make the patient drink fluids with calories approximately every 30 minutes for the first three hours. If the patient is sleeping he/she should be awaken at these intervals. Large amounts of fluids (especially those with substantial calories such as juice, soup, milkshakes, protein drinks, slim-fast, Gatorade etc.) are encouraged in the first 48 hours, in addition to other food. Nausea occurs infrequently. If this does, keep the patient lying down, wait short time (i.e. 15 minutes) and give more fluids. In some instances, soda (i.e. Sprite or 7-Up) may be given if allowed by the dentist. If nausea persists, please contact me so appropriate management can be instituted.

Patients should get plenty of rest the first 24 hours. There should be no outside activity for the remainder of the day. After that time, activity may be resumed based upon the surgery and other post-treatment considerations. A small percentage of patients may feel tired after the first day. This is generally due to inadequate fluid and nourishment intake. No operating machinery (cars, lawnmowers etc.) or potentially dangerous toys (bicycles, scooters, etc.) for 24 hours. Additionally no alcoholic beverages are to be consumed at least 24 hours or while taking pain medicine.