Holistic and General Dentistry in Fort Worth 


Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care 

Our Fort Worth, TX dental office is committed to the philosophy of helping people look good, feel good, and having fun while doing it. At Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care, Dr. Shelby and Dr. Cole stand by their work as cosmetic and family dentists who offer personalized service and unparalleled chair-side manner. 

Visit our office today to see first-hand what makes our practice different! We welcome professionals, families, and any patient in need of best-quality dentistry for their well-being and oral health. 

Restorative Dentistry in a Therapeutic Environment 

Our patients are particular about who they will trust with their smiles. To meet these high expectations, our dentists and team are trained and experienced in multiple procedures and therapies, including dental implants and TMJ pain relief, to ensure an excellent visit and a strong smile.
In-office massage therapists are available to soothe patients and ensure they feel relaxed.  If your visit to our office includes extensive care, we treat you to a comforting neck massage after treatment is completed. For extra anxiety relief, we offer essential oils and use a device called Avazzia, which creates a microcurrent of electrical pulses that are proven to reduce pain, inflammation, and encourage the natural endorphin production. 

Patients can also visit our in-office store that sells homeopathic remedies to enjoy improved wellness at home. 

Fluoride-Free, Metal-Free, and Biocompatible Dentistry in Fort Worth

At Clear Fork Healthy Dental Care, your health and wellness are highly important to us. We understand that many patients prefer to avoid chemicals and materials that do not contribute to whole-body health, which is why we are a completely fluoride free and metal-free dental office. Our restorations incorporate only tooth-colored materials that are gentle on teeth and gums, such as composite resin, porcelain, and ceramic. 

Not only do these restorations look life-like and provide durable dental function, they are also biocompatible;  they will not create allergic reactions, cause sensitivity, or compromise existing teeth. To assist in creating individualized treatment plans with these natural-looking prosthetics, our dentists use a 3D CBCT scanner, soft tissue dental laser, and provide in-house customization of TMJ appliances. 

We Go Above and Beyond for our Dental Patients 

Both new and returning patients are treated with the same level of dedication to their health and needs. If you are new to our office, your first visit can include a dental cleaning, development of an extensive treatment plan, or can serve as a consultation to discuss desired procedures. All new patients are greeted by one of the doctors who take the time to answer questions and recommend treatment based on patients’ wishes. You will leave your appointment with a suggested treatment plan and plenty of options to meet your goals.

If you’re looking for the best dental care available in Fort Worth, our office is here to meet your needs. Contact Clear Fork Dental today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving you!

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