Restore Your Smile with Dental Implants in Fort Worth, TX

When you lose teeth or have them extracted, dental implants are the best and only way to restore them from root to crown. Comprehensive and conservative, implants use existing bone to support crowns, bridges, and dentures for a smile that looks and functions naturally. You can obtain this advanced treatment at Clear Fork Dental in Fort Worth. Our experienced dentists, Dr. Cole and Dr. Shelby, offer the full implant process, from extraction to restoration, and do so using modern techniques and cutting-edge technology.

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Rebuilding Oral Health and Dental Beauty

Many do not realize how tooth loss affects overall oral health. Bone health and dental health are closely connected; when the tooth root is no longer in place, the bone has nothing to support. In places where gaps exist instead of teeth, the jaw loses its volume and durability. Resorption, as it is called, can create sunken and aged facial aesthetic, and the gaps allow teeth to shift out of place. These issues make for an unstable environment for your teeth, which impacts your dental health. Dental implants, however, halt resorption and keep teeth in line for a smile that functions properly.

Precise and Personalized Dental Implant Processes

At Clear Fork Dental, we address the many concerns tied with tooth loss and extraction using holistic methods. This supports natural healing and improved restoration of the bone structure, which implants require. We begin the process with a CT scan, which lays out a detailed map of dental anatomy. From there, we plan where implants are placed and perform any necessary procedures to prepare your smile in-house. We tailor each step of implant treatment to individual needs, from consultation to restoration. 

We perform gentle teeth extractions and use synthetic materials and PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) to fill in the spaces and strengthen bone for implant placement. The PRF is sourced from patient’s own tissue and encourages efficient healing. If patients require grafting procedures due to prolonged, unaddressed tooth loss we also provide these and smooth out bone tissue.

When patients are ready, we perform implant placement using our precise Nobel device. This technology allows Dr. Shelby to strategically attach implants to bone, and do so with accuracy.

Restoring Teeth for Beautiful Smiles

After patients have healed from implant placement, we provide custom restorations. These are designed with a natural aesthetic in mind. We use materials that resemble enamel and withstand daily wear. Individual implants are restored with individual crowns, one or more with fixed bridges, and entire arches with dentures. Each option is permanently attached, promoting a stable bite.

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Our West Fort Worth practice provides a convenient and quality experience for implant patients. Dr. Shelby and Dr. Cole are proud of the level of service offered, helping patients smile with confidence once again. Call us for an appointment today!